Factors To Consider Before Purchasing A Swimming Pool Heating System

During the hot season, owning a pool can be like having a personal oasis in your backyard. As the outside temperature gets high, a jump in the pool can be very rejuvenating and relaxing. Unfortunately, unheated swimming pools can be used only in summers as the higher daytime temperature and mild nights keep the water warm.


As the climate gets cooler, the pool becomes too cold to get into. Installing a pool heater is the best way to extend the swimming season to get the maximum time available to use the pool.You can purchase a swimming pool heating system from Greenewable Heating. Get yourself a solar operated system to incur low operating costs.

Following are the factors to consider while buying a swimming pool heating system:-

  • Low noise level-Some neighbourhoods have strict noise limits for pool equipment, or you may simply want to make sure that you have a quiet and peaceful pool experience. Some heaters comprise of extra pumps, fans and blower motors, all of which produce noise. Research on different models and on their configuration to get the least sound making system.
  • Place you live in-The types of heaters available to you depends on the place where you live. Is your area primarily sunny, cloudy, hot, cold, rainy, dry, and windy or clam etc.? Some pool heaters are specialised for some particular climates.
  • Energy efficient and environmental friendly–If you are proactive to protect the environment, there are options for pool heating. With the right type of setup and for the right price, you can nearly eliminate all energy costs. You can go for solar operated heating systems. They demand minimal running cost and are environmentally friendly. Additionally, you need to choose the heater of the right size for your use. Too large system would result in wastage of un required heat. You can extract the maximum out of the right sized heater.
  • Least expensive to purchase and install –Assuming you would hire a professional to induct the heating system, different types of heaters require different installation time and complexity. Some need a separate pump, control valves, and lines to operate.

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Signs You Need To Replace Your Heat Pump Water Heater

You probably think about your heat pump water when you are in the middle shampooing and suddenly there isn’t any hot water. It can be a great inconvenience for your family and moreover, you realise when it’s too late.

Avoid getting stuck with suds in your hair. In case, your heat pump water shows these signs, plan to get it replaced.Get the best heat pump water heater from Greenewable Heating. They are known to provide good quality and long-lasting systems.

Hot Water Solar Panels

Following are the signs to replace your heat pump water heater:-

  • Age–Heat pump water heaters have an average life of 10-20 years. If it is constantly giving problems and is more than 10 years old, it’s a strong sign that you need to start looking for a new system as soon as possible.
  • Banging and creaking noise–Heat pump water heaters shouldn’t sound like they are trying out for a third-rate garage band. Rumbling and knocking sound coming from the heater can be because of the sediment build-up coming in contact with the heating element. This way your heater is burning the sediment away. If you notice discoloured water, the first step is to fully flush the tank.
  • Leaking–You need to take immediate action if you see a puddle forming around your tank. Leakage in tanks can create a hell lot of problems. The tank can flood out the hot water. There isn’t any easy way to fix this type of an issue. In most cases, replacement is the choice.
  • Rusty or sandy water–Discoloured water can be because of the rusty anode or sediment building-up in the heater. Rusty water is due to the anode, which purposely corrodes instead of the steel inside the tank. It helps to protect the life of the water heater. You may test by first replacing the anode that if the issue resolves. If bad coloured water continues then it’s time to go for a replacement.
  • No hot water–It is the most inconvenient sign one may come across. If you don’t receive hot water, first check if the pilot light is lit. If the pilot light isn’t lit or circuit breaker has tripped, re-lighting usually fixes the issue. Otherwise, it implies that the heat pump water heater has reached its end days. Prior to this, other types of issue you may face are inconsistent water temperatures or an increase in the time it takes for the system to restart between uses.

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You may agree that owning a solar panel is a big investment and its maintenance is very crucial to avail its long-term benefits. Fortunately, solar panels usually require very little maintenance since there aren’t any moving parts. But you are required to inspect for dirt and debris that may accumulate on them. Apart from cleaning, you must be safety conscious when inspecting panels and avoid taking any needless risks.

Save Energy, Save Future
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  • AUTOMATED CLEANERS –If you are too busy and don’t have much time to clean solar panels then you can go for automated cleaners. They comprise of sprinkler systems, which automatically clean the panels. You may also schedule appointments with cleaning companies specialised in solar panels.
  • INDUCT DISPLAYS–Nowadays, you have an option to induct wall-mounted displays at your home. This display provides all necessary information about your solar panels on a regular basis.
  • FLASHING GREEN LIGHT –You must keep an eye on the solar panels and ensure that the inverters are flashing green lights. In case green lights are not flashing, it means you are no longer compensating for your electrical use. This will definitely make you lose additional money.
  • PLACEMENT UNDER SUNLIGHT –You must place the panels under sunlight since, in shade, energy production becomes inefficient.
  • GO FOR CLEANING KITS – These kits are very handy for cleaning solar panels. The kit comprises of biodegradable soap, wiper, and a brush. The drill is to mix the soap in the bucket with water. Wet the brush with the soapy water and start to wipe the panels gently. You may use plain water and a soft brush to wipe off the dirt or grime accumulated on the panels.
  • REGULAR DOCUMENTATION–Regular documentation means constant noting down the day-to-day performance to improve solar panel’s efficiency. It is very important to write down the energy produced daily and make special notes when the weather is cloudy. There will be times when you may come across inconsistent results. You may ask the manufacturer to provide you with a good monitoring system for solar panels.
  • NEVER USE ABRASIVE SPONGE–You should never use abrasive sponge or soap to clean your solar panels since it can scratch the glass. The best way to clean it is by using a soft rag or biodegradable soap.
  • USAGE OF HANDLED WIPER–It’s for your and other’s safety to make use of a handled wiper for cleaning while you are standing on the ground.
  • CLEAN WHEN MOIST AND WET–It’s relatively easier to clean solar panels when they are moist and wet. It makes it easy to wipe off dirt and dust since it loses its density and become loose.

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You must agree that hot water bath is one of the most rejuvenating experiences and moreover having it in a swimming pool can really help you regain your energy after a tiring day. Heaters consume a lot of energy since it consists of elements, which need the energy to heat up. You can resolve the problem of energy consumptions and costly bills with solar pool heaters, which are also environment-friendly.


Inducting such heaters extends your swimming time and saves energy costs. You must know that a pool heater lasts for fifteen to twenty years and the solar panels have a durable life of twenty to thirty years. As per such stats, swimming pool heating systems are a one-time expense and can be purchased from Greenewable Heating since they only deal with solar energy products, which makes them the expert for solar operated installations.


  • ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY – A solar pool heating system is a green method to warm the pool and helps in reducing its carbon footprints. Such system uses solar as an energy, which is the purest form of energy, as it doesn’t comprise of any gas or oil and even doesn’t release any harmful emissions. For efficient use, you may also put a solar blanket over your pool just to prevent heat loss.

  • NOT MUCH MAINTENANCE REQUIRED – Since solar heaters work cleanly and effectively so they require minimal maintenance. In fact, a solar heater may last for fifteen-twenty years or more. Moreover, solar panels have a life tendency of around twenty to thirty years.

  • NO LOUD NOICE – Solar heaters are known as the quietest heaters on the market. There isn’t any loud noise while they are working, which adds up to your experience of hot water pool bath.

  • SAVES ENERGY – Using the sun’s energy to work definitely avoids rising energy costs. In such a way, you can easily cover your initial purchase cost with its regular use. Being environment-friendly, it’s also the cheapest source of energy as far as after installation expenses are concerned.

  • EXTENSION TO SWIM SEASON – You may be using your pool for around three to four months a year since the water is too cold for the rest of the period. Solar water heater enables you to use your pool for few more months, helping you to extract more out of your pool.

Such benefits of swimming pool heating system provide full justice to your decision to go for a solar pool heater. It can be termed as a one-time expense since it has such a durable life with a number of perks.

swimming-pool-planInstalling such an environmentally friendly device also provides you with a sense of pride and satisfaction, as such small steps make big difference to nature. Greenewable Heating deals only in solar operated appliances and is considered the best for swimming pool heating systems.

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Top 4 Ways To Use Renewable Energy In Your Home

Renewable energy is available all around us in various forms like geothermal, wind power, solar, and hydroelectric. Using these, you will not be just saving your hard-earned money but also taking a step to help the environment.If you are looking forward to using renewable energy in your home then visit Greenewable Heating for the best Solar thermal hot water heating solutions.

Everyone is always on the lookout to save some money and the best way to do it is by using renewable energy. Here are some ways by which you can use renewable energy at your home.

solar energy

1.Solar Panels: This is one of the best ways to use renewable energy. Solar panels can be installed on the roof and it can generate 10 watts per square foot. A few square feet solar panels will be great to power up all your everyday needs. The panel stores the Sun’s energy so you can use it after sunset or on rainy and cloudy days. The panel stores the solar energy before converting it into electric energy.

2.Wind Turbine: Wind Turbines are commonly used in large farms but if you have enough space, then install a small wind turbine. A good-sized wind turbine can easily solve all your electricity needs. The only drawback is the amount of noise it makes when in full running mode.


3.Central Heating: The Daikin Emura air conditioner is an innovative technology that extracts heat from the air and uses it. It can be used for heating, cooling, and air purification. The air conditioner comes with Bluevolution technology that reduces the environmental impact and improves the performance. It comes with intelligent sensors that switch to energy-saving mode when no one is present in the room.

4.Solar hot water heating: Solar thermal hot water heating uses the sun to heat the water, which you can get through showers and faucets. It is much cheaper and efficient than using electricity to heat up the water. Heat is captured even on snowy days and the water is heated to the desired temperature. You can find this technology at Greenewable Heating as Eco Hot Water Systems, Aquapura systems, and solar box. The system requires minimum or no maintenance. Greenwable Heating provides a very unique concept called swimming pool heating. Through this, you can adjust the water temperature according to the season.

 You will find here all things solar like hot water systems, central heating systems and swimming pool heating.